Welcome to UNIC | Research Portal

Welcome to the University of Nicosia Research Portal

PURE UNIC is a searchable database containing a multidisciplinary selection of research expertise across the University of Nicosia’s wide-ranging schools, departments, institutes, centers and graduate programmes. Its objective is to foster internal and external collaborations and interdisciplinary research to expand knowledge. While this tool is not comprehensive of all faculty members, nor exhaustive of individual productivity or expertise, it offers a rich representation of research talent and knowledge at UNIC. Explore the profiles and research output (publications, projects, and activities, etc.) of hundreds of UNIC scholars. We invite you to search the database by concept, individual name, or “free text” excerpt (such as an abstract) to discover researchers, understand research expertise, and visualize connections among researchers. During initial launch and testing, some profiles will be robust and accurate while others will be incomplete. We will be actively working in the coming weeks and months to develop a resource that is both inclusive and representative of the breadth of research strengths at UNIC.

Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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