CREARCH - CReative European ARCHives as innovative cultural hubs

Project: Research

Project Details


The main purpose of the CREARCH Project is to develop a European network of innovative cultural archives, to utilize and promote the history and memory that these archives preserve by means of interactive communication, narration in various forms, digital technology and the performing arts. The anticipated outcome of the Project is the increase in the accessibility of the archives and the attraction of the attention of a wider audience.

Key findings

Expected results

- Increased skills for the staff of archives

- Cultural offer of archives more accessible to the non-public

- Increased digitization through a mobile app and transmedia artistic performances

- Make archives hubs of creative and cultural creation, community interaction and social integration

- Reinforced cultural exchange between migrants and EU citizens

Main deliverables

- 1 training handbook

- 4 pilot courses in audience development

- 1 audience development plan

- 1 Mobile app

- Cultural programme and transmedia artistic performances

- 4 artists-in-residence
Effective start/end date1/10/1831/10/21


  • archives
  • archival studies
  • documentation
  • cultural heritage
  • digital humanities
  • performing arts
  • research
  • innovation
  • creative industries
  • audience development
  • cultural marketing


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