CRISIS-Competences for Resilient Smart Cities' Staff

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This project mainly focuses on improving digital, transferrable, resilience, and smart cityrelated competences of people interested in seeking job opportunities and careers as Smart Cities Resilient Officers. The need for such trained personnel will grow rapidly in the next few years as more and more cities are becoming digitalized and interconnected. At the same time, growing urbanization, globalization, and climate change constitute three major threats that demand effective resilience strategies and mechanisms.

Key findings

Implement a self-assessment tool to identify learning gaps in SCRO competences and determine individual learning experiences and traits
Realize an innovative learning journey design tool to define the educational goals and strategy for each learner.
Develop a modular SCRO curriculum that will facilitate flexible learning paths.
Produce digital OERs for the SCRO competences.
Design and develop teaching and learning activities that meet the requirements of different educational strategies.
Develop an integrated online platform with adaptivity mechanisms to tailor the teaching and learning process to individual learning goals and strategies.
Pilot the SCRO curriculum in 4 project countries with participants from smart cities and from the project associate partners and produce the first cohort of certified SCROs.
Evaluate CRISIS tools, methodologies, platform, curriculum, learning material, and pilot course to identify inadequacies and best practices – Promote, disseminate and exploit the results at national and European levels.
Effective start/end date1/11/2131/10/23


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