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• Designed and developed an ontology for manufactured products and services with appropriate instantiations for Cyprus manufacturing and service sectors.
• Contributed to the design and development of a semantics-based Search Engine.
• Analysis of business models of E-commerce for Reverse Logistics.
• Modeling and analysis of return flows in Business to Consumer E-commerce applications.

• Design and development of a Prototypical E-marketplace for end-of-use ICT products. The system is based on Access RDBMS and Java Servlets, Java Server Pages and software agents.
• Utilization of international standards and existing software tools, including HTML 3.2+4.0; Dynamic HTML; Apache Tomcat; Java JDK v1.2 and v1.3; Java Server Pages; Java Beans; Visual Basic 5.0; Java 2D Graphics; XML 1.1 standard and XML Notepad.
StatusNot started


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