Gender Equality (Street View Approach) in Primary Education

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Equality Street brings innovative learning content for children ages 6-10 years old and trains teachers so that it:

- sends out a strong message against gender discrimination,
- brings about higher appreciation of individuals over and above gender,
- raises awareness of gender inequalities around us and
- points out mindsets at home, in the media, institutions that foster gender inequality.

The project works for more inclusion in education and in the school space. It reaches out to students' households through targeted pedagogical strategies making school education a positive agent that fosters equity and equality responsive to the needs of the wider community ie. awareness of gender inequalities. Inequalities are at times obvious and visible and at times ingrained in our culture but always with pervading consequences ranging from gaps in opportunities and pay to gender based and domestic violence..


We will:
- research, and then design and test a teacher education module on transformative learning and cultural diplomacy strategies for gender equality education,
- design a toolbox for cooperative, experiential and activity based learning on gender equality education for students in class and outreach to their households and
- generate a gallery of tried and tested lessons on gender equality.


- Università degli studi di Verona ( Italy) - COORDINATOR
- Associazione ValIda ( Italy)
- The University of Nicosia (Cyprus)
- IDEA Academy (Malta)
- Maria Regina College Qawra Primary School (Malta)
- Istituto Comprensivo 17 ( Italy)
- Le LABA (France)
- Platon M.E.P.E. (Greece)
- Synkoino Coop (Greece)
- Ecole élémentaire Ferdinand Buisson France (France)

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Short titleEquality Street
AcronymEquality Street
Effective start/end date1/09/2331/08/26


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