Management Information Systems

Project: Research

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• Contributed to the development of ANTON text similarity detection system for the Greek Language.
• Contributed to the design, development and testing of a quality management application for monitoring and control performance in service related enterprises. The application has received an award on Innovation by the Republic of Cyprus
• Design, development and deployment of distributed systems for the support of logistics operations and procedures for the transfer of goods in the supply chains with extensions for return flows. The system is based on an Oracle RDBMS with JAVA and Tuxedo as a transaction monitor middle-ware. Message passing is effected via XML and EDIFACT via the Internet and CCN/CSI, a proprietary WAN.
• Utilization of international standards and existing software tools including standards including HTML 3.2+4.0; Cascading StyleSheets; Dynamic HTML; IPlanet Web Server; ORACLE v8.0.6 RDBMS; Java JDK v1.2 and v1.3; Java Server Pages; Java Beans; Visual Basic 5.0; Java 2D Graphics; IE Explorer v4.0, v5.0, v5.5; IBM Excel Accessor Bean; Netscape Navigator v4.5 and v4.7; JBuilder v2.0, v3.5, v4.0; Macromedia DreamWeaver; Java 2 SDK and servlet technology; XML 1.1 standard; XML Notepad; Apache Batik 1.0; Apache Tomcat; Inprise Application Server; Scaleable Vector Graphics; XSL 1.0; Xerces XML parser v1.2; UN EDIFACT 96B standard; Win CVS v1.1; PVCS Version Manager 6.01; PVCS Tracker 6.01; PVCS Notify 6.01; IIS 5.0; Visual C++ and Visual Studio.
StatusNot started