PreSEES: Preparing Educators for Everyday Science

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The PreSEES project aimed at engaging elementary and secondary pre-service teachers in critical discussions of everyday science through socio-scientific issues (SSI), and prepare them to teach SSI. Thus, the project explored how pre-service teachers (elementary and secondary) engage with everyday science and socio-scientific issues, and how they transfer their knowledge of SSI as a way to promote everyday science into their teaching practices. Engaging in critical discussions of SSI has been recognized as an important goal of science education since it enables students to understand the relevance of science to everyday life, understand the humanistic face of science, and see the connections of science to everyday life. When engaged with SSI students are prepared to understand and make decisions about issues that will be a part of their everyday lives.

Key findings

Among other outcomes and products, the PreSEES partners have designed and piloted three modules for pre-service teacher training (elementary and secondary) to promote SSI as a means to promote everyday science, and other aspects of science (e.g. argumentation, history of science, nature of science, attitude change, use of technology). All modules have been collaboratively developed by the partner institutions and focused on issues that are common across Europe (e.g. climate change) to emphasize in this way the European dimension and European identity.
Effective start/end date1/10/121/10/14


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