QUEST- promoting Quality intErnships in Sustainable Tourism and cultural heritage management

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Erasmus+KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education

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Key findings

PR1 QUEST flexible learning programme: an innovative and skill-based programme for HE students that face the tourism
sector labour market; PR2 QUEST e-learning platform and app: a unique platform for HE student, HEI trainers and
organisations tutors that supports them all along the learning programme and work experience; PR3 QUEST policy and
cooperation methodology: a cooperation agreement between HEIs and tourism organization in the Mediterranean area,
supported by a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe; PR4 QUEST manual: a comprehensive publication summarizing
QUEST methodology, leraning programme, activities and results to support further exploitation.
Short titleQUEST
Effective start/end date1/11/211/11/24


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