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    Sustainable, future proof entrepreneurship is based on ethics and values. This is the motto of project Value and Future, an innovative project that connects 6 partners in Europe with a common goal: to empower young people towards ethical entrepreneurship and leadership, inspired by role models.

    The project sets the ambition to develop the skills and mindset of young people, based on values and empathy instead of on only profit or professional protocols. The project encourages students of VET to actively seek the purpose for their own entrepreneurial future and to recognise the ethical choices that enterprises showcase around them. Through a set of activities and lessons supported by teachers and entrepreneurs, VET students engage in a dialogue about moral dilemma’s in enterprises in relation to people and planet. They learn to ask critical questions and they search for positive role models. Due to project activities, students engage in conversations with enterprises to define values, ethics and authenticity, and the difference businesses can make in society. In these conversations, students continuously ask themselves the question: ‘what matters to me as a future entrepreneur and what matters to entrepreneurs I meet? What matters to my future company and what matters to enterprises around me?

    The project connects the need of powerful entrepreneurship education that changes the mind-set of young people and teachers about the ethical and moral angles of their choices, career path and place in society. There is a growing attention for business ethics in the world; at the same time, the education of ethical entrepreneurship within VET is a not discovered area in Europe.

    Project partners develop a new educational method that combines entrepreneurial, sustainable and value-driven learning. This educational method consists of a series of lessons, future days with entrepreneurs, conversations through conducting a quick scan, and an online inspirational environment of storytelling. The learning process challenges young people to visit companies in their region, to get into dialogue with entrepreneurs and to seek moral dilemmas and answers to them. Their learning process is supported by role models they seek, find and appoint: entrepreneurs with a vision on ethical entrepreneurial mind-set who challenge young people to develop their own vision on ethics and values.

    The project is innovative due to a development in mind-set as educational method, towards the deeper values of individuals in relation to ethical leadership, where choices are made based on courage, truth, purpose and a sense of legacy.

    “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
    Effective start/end date1/09/2031/08/23


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