Carrer [Carreris], Pavlos [Carrer, Paolo; Karrer, Paul]

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Carrer [Carreris], Pavlos [Carrer, Paolo; Karrer, Paul] (b Zante, 12 May 1829; d Zante, 7 June 1896). Greek composer. He is one of the leaders of the Ionian art music school and the first to create national operas and national songs on Greek plots, Greek librettos and verses, and melodies inspired by the folk and the urban popular musical tradition of modern Greece.
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  • opera
  • opera studies
  • music
  • musicology
  • performing arts
  • Creative industries
  • Ionian opera
  • Ionian islands
  • Moden Greece
  • Modern Greek Culture
  • Modern Greek Studies
  • Nineteenth century literature and culture
  • Nineteenth century music
  • Nineteenth century studies


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