Cypriot nurses' knowledge and attitudes towards alternative medicine

Roupa Zoe, Charalambos Charalambous, Sotiropoulou Popi, Rekleiti Maria, Vasilopoulos Aris, Koulouri Agoritsa, Kotrotsiou Evangelia

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Purpose: To investigate Cypriot nurses' knowledge and attitude towards alternative treatments. Methods: Two hundred randomly selected registered Nurses from public hospitals in Cyprus were administered an anonymous self-report questionnaire with closed-type questions. The particular questionnaire has previously been used in similar surveys. Six questions referred to demographic data and 14 questions to attitudes and knowledge towards alternative medicine. One hundred and thirty-eight questionnaires were adequately completed and evaluated. Descriptive and inferential statistics was performed. SPSS 17.0 was used. Statistical significance was set at p<0.05. Results: Over 1/3 of our sample nurses reported that they had turned to some form of alternative treatment at some point in their lives in order to deal with a certain medical situation. Most of these nurses who reported some knowledge on specific alternative treatment methods, (75.9%) also reported using such methods within their clinical practice. The nurses who had received some form of alternative treatment reported using them more often in their clinical practice, in comparison to those who had never received such treatment (Mann-Whitney U=1137, p=0.006). The more frequently nurses used alternative treatment in their clinical practice, the more interested they got in expanding their knowledge on the subject (Pearson's r=0.250, p=0.006). Conclusion: Most nurses are familiar with alternative medicine and interested in expanding their knowledge on subject, despite the fact that they do not usually practice it. Special education and training as well as legislative actions are necessary for alternative medicine to be broadly accepted.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)89-92
Number of pages4
JournalComplementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2014


  • Alternative medicine
  • Attitudes
  • Nurse


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