"Despo", the first Hellenic tragic melodrama

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Pavlos Carrer [Paolo Carrer] decided to compose "Despo" in summer 1875 after visiting the then newly-founded Athens Conservatoire. As part of his high mission to establish a national music school with opera as its crowning achievement, according to the model of European national music schools, the composer undertook to set to music a melodramatic work, entitled "Despo", written by a drama teacher at the Conservatoire, Antonios Manousos, in order for it to be used as a practice piece by the “students of vocal and instrumental music”. Apart from being a drama teacher, the Corfiot Antonios Manousos was also a prolific poet, author and translator, distinguished for his contribution to the collection and publication of folk songs. As a result, the one-act play he suggested to Carrer, The tragic death of Despo and her daughters-in-law at Dimoula’s tower, is imbued with his hands-on and in-depth contact with the Greek folk literary tradition, and theatre.
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Title of host publicationGreek Dances / Despo
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Publication statusPublished - 2021


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