Eight salon music pieces from nineteenth century Greece

Avra Xepapadakou, Alexandros Charkiolakis

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In our presentation we provide an overview of salon’s music course and fate in and out of the gradually expanding Greek borders throughout the nineteenth century. More specifically we examine aspects of salon music in three different geographical areas, the Ionian Islands, Athens and urban centers of mainland Greece and the cosmopolitan cities of the Near East, i.e. Constantinople and Smyrna. In this framework, we discuss eight representative salon music pieces that are included in the forthcoming collective volume "Music of the Salons from the Balkans of the 19th century", edited by Nicolae Gheorghiță. (Bucharest: National University of Music Publishing House, 2021).


ConferenceMusic, Multiculturality and Sociability in the 19th-Century Central and South-Eastern European Salons
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  • music
  • Musicology
  • performing arts
  • performance
  • urban culture
  • Creative industries
  • Modern Greece
  • Modern Greek Culture
  • Modern Greek Studies
  • Nineteenth century literature and culture
  • Nineteenth century music
  • Nineteenth century studies


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