Marital conflict and child maladjustment

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Exposure to marital conflict has been documented to play a substantial role in the child's maladjustment (Brody, Stoneman, and Flor, 1995; Grych, Seid, and Fincham, 1992; Harold, Fincham, Osborne, and Conger, 1997; Katz and Gottman, 1993). It has been postulated that marital conflict affects children's socioemotional development by shaping children's cognitions and perceptions (Davies and Cummings, 1998; Grych and Fincham, 1990), emotion regulation capacities (Gottman and Katz, 1989), and coping responses (O'Brien, Margolin, and John, 1995). Further it has been shown that marital conflict affects children's maladjustment by altering parental practices and the quality of parent-child relations (Erel and Burman, 1995). The purpose of this chapter is to review the current state of literature on marital conflict and collaborate on its' associations with the child's maladjustment.

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Title of host publicationMarriage
Subtitle of host publicationRoles, Stability and Conflict
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