Para-adaptation: Or how i learned to stop worrying and love convergence culture

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In this paper, I attempt to explore the possibility of a call for para-adaptation studies as a basic discursive paradigm that may allow an engagement with amateur-created adaptations. Para-adaptation will serve as a springboard to problematize further the enthusiastic call for the expansion of adaptation studies by bringing in the emerging debate of post-celluloid adaptations the cultural practice of vernacular creativity. this attempt develops from a re-examination of the terms paracinema and paratextuality since amateur creativity has a direct dialectic relationship with practices that are relevant to these terms. In order to offer a more detailed debate on the ways amateur creativity can contribute to the expansion of adaptation studies I use amateurmade and industry-made renditions of the zombie mythology.

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Publication statusPublished - Aug 2013


  • Para-adaptation
  • Paracinema
  • Paratext


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