Patient-number-based computerized medical records in Crete. A tool for planning and assessment of primary health care

Åke Isacsson, Antonis D. Koutis, Mats Cedervall, Lars H. Lindholm, Christos D. Lionis, Karin Svenninger, Michael Fioretos

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Primary Health Care (PHC) in Crete is in a state of rapid development. The strategy for introducting PHC involves an orientation towards the population and the creation of possibilities for evaluation. A case records system, "EginO", was installed in the University of Heraklion and at the Health Centre in Spili in 1988, and was further developed according to local needs during 1989, when also a Greek version of the statistical system, "DoIt", was installed. The main reasons for establishing a computerized medical information system were (i) to assess the health needs in Crete, (ii) to monitor activities of the primary health care organizations, and (iii)_ to introduce epidemiological research into primary health care in Greece. The information system was based on specially assigned patient numbers containing several pieces of information about the individual; the system was developed at the Dalby Health Sciences Centre in Sweden. Each month, data were extracted in Spili Health Centre, and these data were regularly used to present incidence and prevalence indices. Some of the data extracted were reported to the health authorities in Greece. "EginO" and "DoIt" gave possibilities to evaluate health services by following the morbidity, while also making it possible to describe and analyse health needs in the population of Spili and other primary health care catchment areas in Greece.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)41-49
Number of pages9
JournalComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1992


  • Assessment
  • Case record
  • Medical record
  • Planning
  • Primary health care


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