Sustainability, Education and Interior Design: Interrelated Aspects - the case of Cyprus

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Interior Designers have a unique role and responsibility as the intermediary between industry and clients, and while much guidance and regulation is being introduced across Europe, this is not the case for the field of interior design and its professionals in Cyprus, as the interior design profession is not yet legally regulated.
A crucial argument is whether environmentally responsible design should be regarded as a specialisation within design education. The construction of schools which are set to be models of environmental responsibility is becoming very important. A general understanding of sustainability means to restore, preserve and enhance nature and culture for the benefit of life for present and future generations. Unfortunately, no data is available regarding the scale of interior design practice or the proportion of interior design–associated expenditure controlled by professionals, and indeed this research is the first that deals with the interior design profession in Cyprus.
This paper presents the situation and education for sustainable development in Cyprus and at the same time discusses organising principles for teaching sustainability within the interior design profession and how all these different efforts come together with specific findings and proposals. Examples of courses, workshops, seminars, presentations and skills that the students, the professionals and the clients should attain within the interior design education and profession are discussed.
Further research has been done for Cyprus regarding Sustainability and Interior Design Practice, Waste Management, Education for Sustainable Development, the School Network and the Community, Implementing Sustainability within the Interior Design Curriculum. The activities undertaken to promote sustainability by some organizations are worthy examples and are considered for the promotion of sustainable interior design practices. Education for Sustainable Design carries with it the inherent idea of implementing programs that are locally relevant and culturally appropriate. All sustainable development programs including ESD take into consideration the local environmental, economic, and societal conditions.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Number of pages10
ISBN (Print) 978-84-09-17979-4
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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